SunFire 150 Radiant Heater

The SunFire 150 is a portable, industrial grade radiant heater manufactured in the USA by Clean Burn. The radiant heat from the SunFire 150 will warm the objects and people in your work area to provide an efficient, portable heat source and keep your employees warm and productive.

Standard Features

  • Tilt Head to Direct Heat
  • Easy Lift Folding Handle
  • Welded Steel 19 gal. Fuel Tank
  • No Fill 10″ Tires
  • Stainless Steel Guard
  • All Steel Frame


Technical Specifications

BTU/Hour* High: 147,000 (43kW)
Low: 130,000 (38kW)
Flow Rate 1.1 GPH
Fuels Diesel, #2 Fuel Oil
Overall Dimensions, Assembled 32”W x 34”L x 38” H
(81cm x 86cm x 96.5cm)
Approx. Weight – Empty Tank 195 pounds (88kg)
Approx. Weight – Full Tank 320 pounds (145kg)
Fuel Tank Capacity 19 Gallons (72l)
Electrical Requirements 120V 2A 60HZ or 12V Pure Sine Power
Inverter (800W Minimum)