CB-350-CTB Coil Tube Boiler

The Clean Burn CB-350-CTB Coil Tube Boiler is engineered from the ground up exclusively to burn used oils, and burns standard fuel oil for added versatility. The CB-350-CTB provides hot water while complying with EPA regulations for used oil recycling through heat recovery.

The CB-350-CTB is unique in the industry as a small scale coil tube design. It is designed and engineered for use as a single boiler unit or as part of a series of boilers working as a larger system. It is listed at 350,000 BTU/hr and is unsurpassed for robust engineering, construction and reliability.

Typical installations include car washes, truck service facilities, radiant floor heating, and other places where economical production of hot water is an operational benefit.

Industry leading engineering and construction

  • UL listed, ASME tested and approved
  • Stackable design for maximum installation flexibility
  • Engineered to function separately or in series for larger systems
  • Patented heat exchanger generates more heat for greater efficiency
  • Low-mass water design provides quick start-up and reduces stack heat loss
  • Patented burner engineered exclusively for used-oil combustion
  • System is pre-plumbed, pre-wired and ready to install
  • Narrow 40″ wide cabinet provides greater installation flexibility
  • Unique high efficiency coil tube design provides outstanding heat transfer and hot water output while minimizing size and weight
  • Applications include hot water for car wash, in-floor heating systems, hot water heating systems, baseboard heating systems, snow and ice melting systems
  • Unequaled service and support through Clean Burn Distributors
  • Government purchasing: GS-07F-5357P
CB-350-CTB Specifications
Maximum Input 350,000
  Used oils Crankcase, ATF, hydraulic
Fuel oils #2, #4, #5
Heating surface 68 sq. ft. (6.12 sqM)
Boiler water volume 12 gal. (45.6 L)
Design water flow per coil 25 GPM (95LPM)
Cabinet dimensions 66” L x 40” W x 34” H
(1676 mm L x 1016 mm W x 864 mm H)
Overall length
(w burner/breach)
76” (1930 mm)
Approximate weight 1165 pounds (524.3 kg)
Electrical requirements 115 VAC 60 Hz, single phase
20 amp circuit breaker
Max. oil consumption 2.5 GPH (9.5 LPH)
Stack size 8” (200mm)
Air compressor requirements 2.5 CFM25 PSI
(4.25 m3/h1.7 bar)