More for our Customers

Other Services Offered with Special Pricing for our Customers!

*Special Pricing applies if done at the time of service*

If you have ever had an “out of oil” service call or you have an oil transfer system, one of the following might save you money or an accidental spill.

1. Low oil level cut off – Shuts of your thermostat.
To fix problem, just add oil to your tank – Your furnace will automatically start up – eliminating a service call. Normally $200. ($175 special price offer)

2. Low oil level buzzer – Let’s you know you are getting low on oil, before you run out.
Just add oil, and eliminate the service call or the need to bleed your pump. ($226 special price offer)

3. High level buzzer – For oil transfer systems, or any tank you don’t want to over fill, which could cause an expensive spill. ($226 special price offer) – Also, system can be designed to shut off your transfer pump, at an additional cost.

4. Sludge Be Gone treatment – Will get rid of the sludge in your storage tank.

5. We can build complete oil transfer systems for you. Call or contact us for a quote.

Call for this special pricing and have equipment installed at time of cleaning.