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Waste Oil Heater Cleaning

Is your waste oil heater due for its next important service?
Maintaining good service records validates your warranty, extends the life of your combustion chamber and eliminates most service calls.

Service includes cleaning of the following:

  • Filters, strainer, check valve and pump head
  • New gaskets
  • Vacuum furnace and smoke pipe
  • Check tank for water or sludge

Rebuilding the burner:

  • Replace the following small parts:
  • O-Rings, Diaphragms, and Poppet Valve
  • Reassemble and set up

Summer 2012 Cleaning Prices:

$335 / April-June
$375 / July-Sept.
$405 / Oct.-March
Cleaning supply charge $12
Sludge treatment is $10/per 250 gals.
Nozzle & Electrodes if needed – will be an extra charge

Note: all excessive hours will be charged accordingly. All cleaning payment terms are C.O.D.
Cleaning prices may vary by area.


Please remember to TURN OFF THE POWER AT THE BREAKER to your waste oil heater at the end of the heating season, to prevent baking the oil in your pre-heater block, inside the burner.
Mandatory: You will need to have at least 1/4 tank of fuel so we may bleed the system and fire up the unit.

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