Model CB-3500 Furnace

The Clean Burn Model CB-3500 is an industrial grade used-oil furnace for service facilities with four or more bays and where larger quantities of used oil are generated or collected. The CB-3500 generates approximately 350,000 BTU/hr and is UL listed for use as either a unit heater or central (ducted) furnace. A Clean Burn Distributor is the expert you want for furnace selection and installation.



Industry leading engineering and construction

  • Engineered from the ground up exclusively to burn used oils
  • Patented heat exchanger generates more heat
  • Unique non-welded flue tubes for longer service life
  • Advanced burner preheats oil, regulates and optimizes combustion
  • Swing-away burner and door for easier maintenance and service
  • Longest cleaning interval of all units in its class
  • Lower stack temperatures, higher heat output
  • Automatic flow control, no fuel adjustments required
  • The only furnace in its class UL-listed as both a unit heater and a central (ducted) furnace
  • Ideal for space heating or as part of a Clean Burn Recycling Center
  • Unequaled service and support through Clean Burn Distributors
  • Government purchasing: GS-07F-5357P
CB-3500 Specifications
Maximum BTU/hour * 350,000 (146 kW)
Maximum Oil Consumption * 2.5 GPH (9.5 L/h)
Used oils Crankcase, ATF, hydraulic
Fuel oils #2, #4, #5 fuel oil
Air flow output (CFM)
Unit heater 4200
Central furnace (ducted)
0.25 SPWC (in.) 4000
0.40 SPWC (in.) 3900
Air compressor req’d * 2.5 CFM25 PSI
3.4 m3/h1.7 bar
Stack size 8 inch dia. (203mm dia.)
Furnace dimensions, assembled 74” L x 35” W x 61” H
1880mm x 889mm x 1549mm
Approx. weight 836 pounds (376.2 kg)
Electrical requirements 230 VAC 60 Hz, single phase
30 amp circuit breaker
* Values indicated above are nominal. Actual values will vary depending on fuel and installation. 

Furnace system includes: check valve and filter screen, in-line washable canister filter, barometric damper, wall thermostat, and oil supply pump.